Humana 4.0 Education for All

Humana is the open platform for the future in education.

Humana  Education 4.0 is the open project of eduRobotics and offer a platform to create robotised neuroscientificaly correct learning circuits. There are lot of courses to instruct teachers or to give experts a new vision about predictive teaching.

The platform offer an introduction to the Cognitive Brain Programming Language MOMO, for the creation of knowledge circuits.

HUMANA and Open MOMO introduces social-performative multimodal activities in the curriculum, and offer the chance to learn in a 4.0 e-environment, how to reform the lesson in a more biological and scientific way.

This need of scientificity in the lesson is also the base of the predictive paradigm which make robots usefull in the classroom: supportive technology and substitutive technology.

Refer directly to the project HUMANA to know more on how to boost scientifically your lesson to a supertasking multimodal learning experience.

direct link: HUMANA