Brain Lifting LOGOThe project BRAIN LIFTING is dedicated to the biocomputer, the brain, and is devoted to the development of technologies to configure and boost the brain for higher and new level of performances.

It is started in the late 2001 with the first prototyped sequence, and 2006 becomed an offical project, founded by a consistent public budget for the research in the neuroscience.

The 2006 research project achived the goal of creating a technology for the induction of high receptive mental states. Trough an extensive EEG and qualitative investigation Brain Lifting was able to create a 7 minutes brain reconfiguration stimulation to reach a theta hyperreceptive state, which was then mantained for 15 minutes. The brain in such a state was able to recover biochemical balance and to collect suplettive energies for multimodal-supertasking sessions (brain choehrence, creativity activation, higher order thinking skill).

Today 2018, after 12 years of continuous research, Brain Lifting is now a full functional Biological Brain States Programming Language which is able to induct predictable electochemical states in subjects and patients. Brain Lifting is the perfect partner for the Brain Programming Language MOMO.

The projet is hosted on a dedicated platform, which offer treatment sets for professional and personal use.

Here you find the direct link to the project: BRAIN LIFTING