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Here you find general pourpose articles concerning the work at edurobotics.

What can a roboteacher as supportive technology help for?

A competence based curriculum need a high level of control to be managed and created.

In the implementation of desired competences in an artucoulated learning context a single teacher or a team is not able to mantain focus on the subject related, crosscurricolar and basic key competencences.

This is way there are to many variables wich are to keep active in the projecting and executive phase of the concepting of a lesson plan. A teacher has not the biological skills to manage multilayered structures and at the same time to manage complexes class settings, wich are social involved.

This is the mean of the roboteacher as supportive competence implementation technology, a robot wich can free the teacher from the complexity of multilayered competences management and give away the freedom to act with creativity and humanity in the conduction of a class.

A robot supported teacher know the position of a lesson in the learning path, act in the class with easy feelings because the burocratised learning observation are mantained by the digital automated assistant. A step in the fully integration of robotised entities in a well designed learning landscape.


Welcome to Edurobotics, research and training lab for applyed robotics in education. This project, started in the late 2010, is devoted to the construction of a complete and fully functional humanised roboteacher.

The research is involved in a lot of different fields and after many years of work and 5 big intermediate research program, there is finally a first complete working unit, which is able of teaching in an active way and to conduct an efficient workflow of assessment.

Based on neurobiologially correct competences frameworks the Roboteacher use the most interesting and scientific pedagoical strategies, to teach every topics and subjects.

Trought this internet presence i like to offer you a really transparent and interesting wiew on this revolutionary project.

My name is Luke Palmisano and every contribution is welcome for a better school and a more student centered and directed learning experience.