Circle - Work Climate Research and Training Lab

This category is dedicated to one of the pillars of the multimodal education 3.0: the scientific Work Climate.

This project is a partnership with professor Chiari Giorgio, one of the founder worldwide of the social cooperative learning, which is also an expert in school climate.

We developed over five years the first competence framework for Work Climate Certification, wich is the base of the work at CIRCLE.

The ResLab work and collaborate with universities and the italian ministerium for education and the main goal is to etablish a higher culture of the importance of Climate at school and workplaces as undeniable variable for a sucessfull human environment: there is only a low performance if the climate is not healtly.

The site is at this time in Italian, but with the google translator you'll be able to surf with quality in the pages, because we are using a global unidiomatic language for our offer.

Here the direct Link: CIRCLE